What is the hiring process like?

FAQ Answer: 
  • Interview process:
    • The interview process varies by each individual location. After an applicant applies online, they can expect to undergo an in-person interview to learn more about the position, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK culture, and the company overall, as well as determine if it’s a fit for the position. After the initial interview, the candidate will be notified if they received the position or not via email, text, or phone call. If the position is offered, each candidate will undergo a pre-employment drug test and background check.
  • Drug test:
    • Drug testing is done at each franchise and can range from a urinalysis to saliva testing. These drug tests can be done in a facility or onsite at the franchise location.
  • Background check:
    • Due to the nature of our business and the sensitivity of handling our customer’s items in their homes, every employee must undergo a pre-employment background check. All TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchises must adhere to strict hiring standards. Background checks are not instant, and in most cases take a few days to be returned.
  • Training:
    • All employees should expect to be trained in a few different ways upon hire. Online, hands-on, and on-the-job training are available at all locations. In fact, we have hundreds of online courses available on our intranet that are exclusive training programs to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. We also take pride in ongoing training and development to help build our employees both personally and professionally.