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Customer Service Representative

When Kathryn decided to leave the medical field and get back into the world of sales – something she had nearly 20 years of experience in – she wasn’t sure where she would end up.

She knew she wanted to get back into sales, but wasn’t sure how – until she found a position as a customer service representative for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. It provided her a chance to get back to world of sales like she wanted, but also provided new challenges and a new change of pace that she welcomed.

“I knew the company had been around for a while,” Kathryn said. “What stood out of me most was that one, it was close to home. Two – it was small. I like a smaller-type work atmosphere. It was still going to be challenging enough for me, and there was also room for growth and opportunity with all of the new things happening with the company. To be a part of all of that seemed great.”

Two years later, and she continues to be pleased with her position. As she continues to grow into her role as a CSR for the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK North Oakland, Mich., franchise location, she is finding more and more things she loves about her job and the company.

“I really like dealing with my customers. Actually, to be more specific, I like building relationships with my customers,” Kathryn said. “I’ve had customers who have come back and given me a hug and said ‘thank you’, or they’ve just come back to see me and talk. On top of that, [I like] just doing fun stuff with the team around the office. I love the family type of atmosphere.”

In addition to being a great fit for the team at her location, Kathryn is also excelling in her sales role. She is very competitive, and tries to not only meet her goals – she wants to beat them.

She’s also working hard to be more of a resource and mentor around the office, helping to train new employees, and trying to make things more efficient so that everyone’s job is easier.

Kathryn came into the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family later in her career than most do, but it hasn’t slowed her down one bit, and the way she’s been embraced at her franchise is something that has stood out as she continues to expand as a CSR.

“I would recommend TWO MEN AND A TRUCK because – especially for me – I’m a little bit older, and it doesn’t matter your age, it doesn’t matter what part of your life you’re in. There’s always different opportunities,” Kathryn said. “With some careers, you need to start younger or fresh out of college. It’s not like that here.”


Sales/Customer Service