Customer Service and Office Staff

Providing a positive customer experience is the number one goal for our franchises, and this starts with our customer service representatives and sales teams. Through franchise customer service and sales jobs, they’re the first point of contact with a customer who wants more information or to book a move. Their role is to ensure potential customers have a positive moving experience, starting right from their initial phone call with the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team.

CSR and sales positions have extensive knowledge of our services, while also having the ability to deliver open-ended questions as they determine a customer’s specific moving needs. This position also makes recommendations for customers and guides them in the right direction of what’s best for them.

Customer Service Representative Skills

What is a Customer Service Representative?

Individuals in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK customer service representative or sales careers are a main resource for customers who want more information or to get started on booking a move. Through this role, you’ll help establish a dialogue that directly leads to us helping them with their moving needs. These roles exhibit all of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK company core values, and team members work hard each day with the goal of providing an enjoyable, satisfying customer experience from start to finish.

CSR and sales team member roles include:

  • Acting as the first point of contact and sales representative for new or existing customers to establish rapport and build confidence in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s services
  • Manage all emails and online sales leads through the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK internal move software
  • Use sales skills to make recommendations of customer’s needs for moving, packing, or storage services in addition to retail and upselling for boxes or supplies
  • Educate customers on terminology, policies, and procedures, any anticipated delays, or additional information needed to increase customer satisfaction and improve franchise profitability
  • Prepare all move-related paperwork and documents daily, ensuring it’s thorough and clearly documented for movers and drivers
  • Perform confirmation calls, move-in progress calls, and post-move calls to obtain customer feedback and maintain high customer service scores



Benefits of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Customer Service Representative/Sales Team Member:

When working these roles, you can expect the following benefits:

Career advancement opportunities

Day-to-day work variety

Bonuses and job incentives

Training opportunities

A family-oriented environment and team camaraderie

Competitive salaries


Support from team members

Office Staff Positions

Although our movers and drivers are out on the frontline moving our customers daily, it takes a dedicated office team at each of our franchise locations to make the business run smoothly.

Each TWO MEN AND A TRUCK location hires a number of hardworking employees to a variety of positions, ranging everywhere from general office administration to marketing, sales, and much, much more.