Brandon S. Headshot
I chose to enroll in the Managers Moving Forward Program after seeing a presentation at Annual Meeting. I saw some of the focus areas were weaknesses of mine, and I figured it would be beneficial to address those. The experience has been awesome, and all of the content has led to processes I can implement at my franchise to make it better. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying, and I’d prefer the former over the latter!
Brandon S. – Managers Moving Forward Program participant
Liz Headshot
I’m always seeking out new opportunities to help grow our brand, help others, learn, and sharpen my skill set. The Scholarship Program was the perfect opportunity for me to accomplish these things. It was and continues to be an incredible and invaluable opportunity. It has been more than I expected in many ways, and I have learned a great deal and have been able to help others and build relationships through the program.
Liz F. – Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship Program 2018 winner
Arthur Headshot
The thing that attracted me most to the job was just the team environment, I’ve grown up playing sports my whole life, so when I got there and met everyone, I saw the way they treated the guys, how all the guys were team-based like family, and that was just something that really attracted me and kept me here. I quit my other job to come here because I saw the career growth and advancement that was open to movers and drivers.
Arthur W. – Operations Manager
Anthony headshot
Personally, it has helped me come out of my shell. I wasn’t really a big people person, even as a personal trainer, but this job has helped me get out of that shell even more because I’m around different people every day.
Anthony W. – Driver and team lead