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Lyrica has always enjoyed being active it comes to her job – she works at large riding stables in the summer, and has never minded lifting and moving heavy things.

So when the time came to look for a new opportunity after the summer of 2019, she happened to stumble across a mover position with the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lansing, Mich., franchise. Before long, she was interviewed, hired, and out on the trucks moving customers.

“Every now and then, I will get some incredulous looks when I hop off the truck for a move,” Lyrica said. “But, I’m used to working in a male-dominated environment. I have not felt that I don’t fit in, and my gender is seldom mentioned by anyone. I think the customers find it rather amusing sometimes, and are happily surprised when I work as well as ‘the guys’ do.”

Hard work is hard work, and Lyrcia is all about it – making her a perfect fit for the moving team at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lansing franchise.

“I admit to some trepidation about how I would be received as a mover,” Lyrica said. “When I started, I was the only woman on the team (there’s now a second) and I did have some worries about the crew not feeling confident in my ability. However, the whole team has never treated me any different. We all get along great, communicate well, and I’m just one of the team members – just a little shorter and wearing mascara.”

Lyrica has enjoyed her time with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK so far, and really likes the team-oriented atmosphere she feels every day when coming into work. She pointed out that some of the perks of the job include the friendly, low-key environment, the satisfaction they get from a job well done, and getting to be out and about every day as part of the job.

She has really enjoyed her time so far with the team, and although she’s unsure what her future holds, she would recommend the opportunity to anyone looking for a change.

“I would recommend this job because it is a great environment for people who like to work with a team, see new things, and learn something fun every day,” Lyrica said. “I would recommend the job to anyone – man or woman – because working at this franchise has been nothing but amazing.”

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