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Team Lead

When breaking down Micah Mayers’ TWO MEN AND A TRUCK journey, you have to break it into two parts. Originally, Micah was employed in Orlando, Fla., where he quickly advanced from mover to driver and worked nearly two and a half years at the franchise location.

However, after his wife received a promotion, they relocated to Texas, and he thought that was the end of his time with the company. Once they were relocated, though, he started to miss the job and working with a team, and decided to reach out to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Fort Worth location for an opportunity.

Three years later, Micah has grown into a team lead – and he’s looking to continue evolving and expanding his role.

“So far at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, it has been nothing but amazing for me,” Micah said. “I’ve been growing, I’ve been learning a lot, bringing new ideas to the table, and just seeing growth.”

It’s no doubt Micah has made an impact. He’s seen as a leader now at the Fort Worth location, and works hard to be a valuable resource to his team members.

“I help out a lot, I help the guys as much as I can,” Micah said. “I go around and wherever I can find someone who needs help, I do. I just try to keep a positive mindset, keep the guys in a positive mindset, and try to take everything day by day.”

Micah is hoping to one day become a franchisee, his big picture goal. With a strong background within the company and plenty of ideas on how to run a location, he feels he has what it takes.

For now, though, Micah will continue to do the best he can in being a team lead at the Fort Worth location. He would recommend this career path to anyone looking for a new job because of the flexibility he’s had.

“I would recommend TWO MEN AND A TRUCK because it’s very versatile with your life,” Micah said. “If you have home issues or other things that you’re dealing with in life, they’re always able to work around it and work with you to make it where you can still keep a job and deal with it.”

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