Looking for a changeup in his career and a chance to better himself, Jaren Wilcox applied on a limb to become a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK mover, and found a career path that fits who he is.

Sometimes, a new career can be more than just switching a job – it can be an overall lifestyle change, and for Boise, Idaho Driver Jaren, joining TWO MEN AND A TRUCK was exactly that.

After two years of working at an area prison, Jaren wasn’t thrilled with his job or the environment of the prison and knew he needed a change.

“I worked as a prison guard for about two years, medium to minimum security,” Jaren said. “A lot of interesting stuff happened at that job. I decided I wasn’t really a good fit for it though, especially coming from a background of customer service-related jobs.”

Searching for a change, Jaren’s wife noticed an ad for a moving position with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. Wilcox was intrigued not only because the pay was similar to what he was currently making, but the chance to live a healthier lifestyle by getting a workout also appealed to him.

He submitted an application and was hired shortly after. Despite there being a learning curve on how to handle the actual moving and logistics, he was well on his way.

“It probably took me a month to get good at the job,” Jaren said. “But I was pretty motivated to keep going and to keep learning and within six months, I became a driver.”

With the support of his franchisee and the managers at the Boise location, Jaren soaked up all of the knowledge he could while consistently putting forth his best effort, which is why he was able to move so quickly into a driver role.

He’s hoping to continue his career climb at the Boise franchise, and has one main goal every day when he comes to work – to keep improving.

“My personal goal is to just keep moving forward,” Jaren said. “I pride myself on working as hard as anyone at our franchise, and I want to keep my perfect 100 percent referral rating going. I’ve been working at getting better and better, and I want to keep that going.”

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