Regional Franchise Manager

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® prides itself on moving not only their customers forward, but also their employees. Jarrid is no exception, and has moved up from a mover to corporate office team member to throughout his years with the company.

Often times when college kids take a summer job, it’s just that – a summer job for extra spending money, and most people don’t come in with the mindset of making it a career. For Jarrid, he was in this same boat when he applied as a mover for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.

“Truthfully, I needed a summer job, and one of my good friends told me they were hiring,” Jarrid said. “At that point, I never thought I would transition to management positions at the franchise level, and eventually into my current role of a franchise marketing specialist at the corporate office.”

It’s been a quick and steep climb up the company ladder for Jarrid, who has held a variety of positions since being hired as a mover in the summer of 2012 – he’s grown from mover, to driver, to trainer, and operations manager, followed by the sales manager position before being hired as the marketing coordinator for the North Oakland and Genesee County franchises in Michigan.

He’s now a franchise marketing specialist at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s Home Office helping franchises across the country develop, implement and evaluate their local marketing plans.

“In my current role, I love the work environment and sense of comradery,” Jarrid said. “At the Home Office, we are separate departments, but we come together as one big team with the greater goal of helping the system to succeed and to move people forward not only literally, but professionally as well.”

When Jarrid began as a mover, he had come from working other summer jobs in both a lumber yard and in construction, but neither stood out like working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. He noticed the professionalism of the employees, and how the core values of the company were prominent in everything that happened.

When he’s not working in his new position, Jarrid enjoys watching any sports that might be on, and spending time with his family.

His journey through the company has been rapid and continues to grow, and he’s just happy for all of the opportunities TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has provided him.

“When I started, I did not plan on staying with the company long-term, it was more of a college job for me,” said Jarrid. “I continued to be promoted on the trucks, and I was offered the position of operations manager while I was still going to school. After that, I have taken on different roles, and it has given me a well-rounded outlook of the business as a whole. I can honestly say I never thought I would be where I am today, but I am so grateful for all of the opportunities this company has provided for my growth.”

Corporate Office